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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Confessions of a 3rd trumpet; a cautionary tale. in the General forums; At my first orchestra rehearsal after winning an audition for 3rd trumpet, the 2nd trumpet told me: "It's our job ...
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    Re: Confessions of a 3rd trumpet; a cautionary tale.

    At my first orchestra rehearsal after winning an audition for 3rd trumpet, the 2nd trumpet told me: "It's our job to make the principal trumpet sound good." That is where the humility factor comes into play.
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    Re: Confessions of a 3rd trumpet; a cautionary tale.

    I remember many years ago before I started playing trumpet again.
    A man named Stan Serorkin told me after doing a gig that I was the best 2nd trumpet player he has ever played with.
    You need a good lead but then you also need the other trumpet players to solidify the section!!
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    Re: Confessions of a 3rd trumpet; a cautionary tale.

    On my way to symphonic band practice. When I was young I was always challenging for 1st chair, but now I am happy no matter what part I'm playing. Currently I am a third trumpet too. I still use my old 1st chair swagger mindset to ensure that I know my part, but now I channel that in the manner suggested by Vulgano Brother. My job is to make the section and the lead trumpet sound good. Different sort of challenge, but still very fun and rewarding.

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    Re: Confessions of a 3rd trumpet; a cautionary tale.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherBACH View Post
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your support; it means a great deal. I woke up this morning to the most wonderful e-mail from the conductor of the Wind Ensemble. I sent him an e-mail similar to what I wrote on TM. In response, he said that "there will always be a chair in the trumpet section when I am ready, whether it is next semeeter or next year." I am so blown away. I have met the most wonderful, kind people since starting my comeback. What a grand adventure this all is.

    This too has been my experience of Band Directors worth their salt - they'd much rather a reliable, section driven, trier, who turns up without fail and produces the goods 90% of the time than those who slip up an octave at a whim, sometimes don't turn up and have more than the normal trumpeters attitude. Trust me. establish a reputation for reliability and going beyond just doing the job, and you will be sought after - I have never had to JOIN a band - I have always been invited, and I'm quite proud to show my kids that attribute, and to remind them that 'someone' is always watching. It seems to have rubbed off - both boys get invitations to play.

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