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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Conn-Selmer tour in the General forums; Hey guys, just curious about somethin. How do arrange for a visit to the Selmer factory? I'd love to go ...
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    Conn-Selmer tour

    Hey guys, just curious about somethin.

    How do arrange for a visit to the Selmer factory? I'd love to go check out the factory and see some horns, but how does one go about touring the factory?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Conn-Selmer tour

    Call them for details.
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    Re: Conn-Selmer tour

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Call them for details.
    What he said. They are nice guys. I suggest you go through your local dealer and his rep.
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    Re: Conn-Selmer tour

    I've wondered, are the Bach, CG Conn and King trumpets made at the same factory or are they in different locations?

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    Re: Conn-Selmer tour

    Just in case this would interest you: if you go to the Oberloh instrument repair site there is, in addition to all sorts of other interesting stuff, a sort of "tour" (photographic) of the Conn factory in the early part of the twentieth century. Some pretty amazing information . . . and Dan's a good guy, to boot.

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