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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Continued Thoughts on the Schilke B6 in the General forums; Originally Posted by gzent Whatever right............
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    Quote Originally Posted by gzent


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    On the subject of the low D and Db/C# and what mouthpiece, I use a Schilke 14A4 when I'm gigging in the party band. (Please don't give me grief about my selection of mouthpiece, I happen to like it, the sound is good, and it works well for me.)

    I have found that with my Schilke, they are still sharp, however, they aren't as sharp as they were with my Bach and although I probably could lip them down, I prefer to make a slide adjustment to keep things centered. The sound is better that way. I've got to agree with dbacon on that one for more or less the reason that he stated - by adjusting the slide, I maintain a better focus (if that's what being "in phase" means) and therefore the sound is more resonant.

    And I'm still really liking this trumpet - I have really developed a fondness for it that I'm not sure I ever had with my last Bach, although I still think that my first ML 37 is among the best trumpets that I have ever played.
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