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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Converting a C trumpet in Bb in the General forums; I play a Schilke C7 trumpet and I have thinked in the future to ordered a set of slides to ...
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    Converting a C trumpet in Bb

    I play a Schilke C7 trumpet and I have thinked in the future to ordered a set of slides to convert this instrument in Bb.
    From some publications the intonation of the Bb after this conversion can suffer.How critic is the tunning with the slides
    Bb in the C?
    Some idea or recomendations?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Converting a C trumpet in Bb

    Don't know about the Schilke, but I bought a set of C to Bb conversion slides for my Bach Strad C, and they didn't work very well. Numerous intonation problems, many more than the C had. The best solution is to buy a good Bb trumpet.
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    Re: Converting a C trumpet in Bb

    I wouldn't do it.
    The intonation problems come from the shorter C lead pipe. Schilke makes such good instruments that the degredation would be noticable. If you need a Bb and don't have much money, buy a used ax. Just make sure that you play before you pay!
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