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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Cornet CONTEST in the General forums; WELL, I found two huttl cornets. One is line 800 one is unknown. The line 800's 3rd slide has to ...
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    Cornet CONTEST

    WELL, I found two huttl cornets.
    One is line 800 one is unknown.

    The line 800's 3rd slide has to be pulled.

    But the unknown functions with a 3rd finger ring BUT with the water key unsoldered.

    Which would you rather have?
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    1950s Symphony Rotary Trumpet (Bohm&Meinl??!?)
    and tonnes of trumpets/cornets/flugels and morse keys....

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    Re: Cornet CONTEST

    I would firstly have to see good pictures of both and do some research on the brand. Of my 4 cornets, Olds Super, Conn 80A, 1930s Selmer and Besson Soverign, the Besson is the only I would play seriously in a band or orchestra.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Re: Cornet CONTEST

    The Besson Sovereign or Bach 184L would be my choice for a good all round cornet. My Olds Super is a great fun cornet, and does depend heavily on mpce choice. As an entry cornet, the Beuscher cornet is not bad.

    The Huttl cornets would not be my choice for a contest, but agree - show us the photos and we can choose.

    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
    - because the spit does not run back into my mouth!

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    Re: Cornet CONTEST

    Both! Then I could switch to which one I feel like playing on a given day because they both probably sound and feel different
    Mainly a 1958 Holton B47 Symphony for band
    and a Bach cr310 for Brass band

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    Re: Cornet CONTEST

    I will make a redundant request for photos, as well! Huttl can vary widely, but I have heard that, if it looks like the vintage Getzen 80 cornet, it is a decent imitation...
    "The Musica man is a Conn man"

    2002-5 Yamaha 6310Z trumpet
    2008-11 Conn-Selmer King 1117SP trumpet
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    1972-9 Conn 24A flügelhorn (Willson stencil, Switzerland)
    1966 Conn 5A Victor cornet
    1960s Musica Steyr–Austria tuning-bell cornet (Amati-Kraslice stencil, Czechoslovakia)

    Thanks to Reedman1 for profile image help

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    Re: Cornet CONTEST

    If it's a choice between two Hüttls, that is more or less a choice between bad and worse... by comparison with decent instruments. If you want a good cornet for a British-style Brass band - round stamp Besson Sovereign or, if you can find a well-kept one, preferably a late Besson International. Indestructible valves, and a smooth silky sound to dream of. If you're keen on something new, the Stomvi Elite comes close, but is not as smoothly responsive as the Besson International.

    If you now compare the two cornets to people, well for me, the Besson International would be an intensely beautiful and intelligent girl in a perfect "little black" instantly reacting to my innermost thoughts;
    whereas the Hüttl would be something like an aged, permanently grumpy cliché of a caretaker in a print kirtle and wellies...

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