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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Couple of questions. in the General forums; How can I expand my higher range? The highest musical note i can hit is a C above the staff....
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    Couple of questions.

    How can I expand my higher range? The highest musical note i can hit is a C above the staff.

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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Look in just about any method book and you will find some type of range exercise. All you have to do then is practice. So simple even a caveman can do it!
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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by askderek19 View Post
    How can I expand my higher range? The highest musical note i can hit is a C above the staff.
    Play piano. There you don't need any chops. Just bang on any of the keys on the right hand side.

    Keep doing what you are doing now but much more of it and the high C will become a C#, then a D..........

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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Are you getting lessons?
    What equipment are you on ( that's just out of curiousity)
    How long have you been playing ..
    How often do you practice?.. what do you practice? what method books do you have?
    Do you where braces or have any health issues?
    Can you find anyone to help you or watch how you play?
    there that's a start..
    tag your it
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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by askderek19 View Post
    How can I expand my higher range? The highest musical note i can hit is a C above the staff.
    practice scales, long soft tones (like a long soft F scale, holding each note for as long as you can, breath and do it again - then rest your lips, and do it again, and again) -- add more scales, hold the notes longer --- do lip slurs and tonguing also, don't forget to play music once in awhile to have some fun).

    do this about 3 hours a day of this for the next 2 years and you will probably increase your range to above that C!!!!

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    Smile Re: Couple of questions.

    Take the above advice and also remember there are many beautiful, energetic, demanding, fun songs that don't require a high range.


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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Everything you have been told is correct. It takes time. A suggestion would also be to work on scales from the low F# scale, then G, etc. for two octaves each. It also helps with flexibility.

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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Practice what is provided to you by a good teacher that understands your goals. I would not recommend practicing this for 3 hours unless you space this 3 hours over several hours of time, and let your tone quality and accuracy be your guide as to when it is time to take a break.
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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Warm up and practice very soft. Long tones,flexibilities,scales,arpeggios,Arban's,Clark e,all played very soft. When playing arpeggios, alternate between the slur and tongue each day.Usually slurring is easier,so be sure to be able to do both ways. Always go as high as you can each day,with the arpeggios,then try the next 1/2 step up.So if your top note is high C, try for the C#. Remember to play all these at a pp or ppp volume. Use as little pressure as possible,too much pressure will cut off your sound and endurance.

    Always and I mean [U]Always[U] ,practice range studies on fresh lips. It's when we practice on tired lips,that bad habits tend to creep into our playing, Learn to breathe correctly. Rest as long as you play, if you practice something for 5 min.s rest for 5 min.s, never push yourself to the point of exhaustion.
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    Re: Couple of questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by askderek19 View Post
    How can I expand my higher range? The highest musical note i can hit is a C above the staff.
    High C (C above the staff) will handle 90% of all legitimate music you may encounter. So, the key is to work on tone, timing, breathing, and articulation within the range that you have. As you do that, you will find that your range will increase without a specific effort on it. Many people ruin their chops by forcing range prematurely and ignoring the other aspects of playing.
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