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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Courtois cornet felts in the General forums; Hello! I just bought a used Courtois Bandmaster cornet and I'm looking for new felts but I can't find them ...
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    Courtois cornet felts


    I just bought a used Courtois Bandmaster cornet and I'm looking for new felts but I can't find them on ebay.
    The outside diameter is 0.708inch and the inside diameter is 0.315inch.

    I feel kind of stupid for asking this but I really can't find them...


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    Re: Courtois cornet felts

    Try J. L. Smith, and don't sweat the thousandths of an inch - they offer a good variety including some that should fit just fine. (Think in terms of roughly 18mm X roughly 9mm, or translate it to 16th's or 32nd's of an inch - felt is pretty forgiving.) I've replaced felts on several of my Courtois cornets, and just used some from an assortment I happened to have on hand.

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