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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Crazy idea in the General forums; Originally Posted by oldlou My strong advice to non trained techs is the old military saying, K.I.S.S.. Keep it simple, ...
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    Re: Crazy idea

    Quote Originally Posted by oldlou View Post
    My strong advice to non trained techs is the old military saying, K.I.S.S.. Keep it simple, stupid.

    "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." ~A. Einstein

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    Re: Crazy idea

    I have an old portable dishwasher fitting (it's like a hose bung) that screws into the kitchen faucet head. I then push one end of a small hose over the fitting, and the other end I push over the mouthpiece receiver. You can force hot tap water through the horn and all the valve passages and slides this way, and it will clean a horn out pretty well.
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    Re: Crazy idea

    Ok guys.

    You have now spoiled the perfect opportunity to
    get the right answer about if it is possible
    to wash a trumpet in a dishwasher
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    Re: Crazy idea

    I have put silver trumpets in the dish washer [no detergent] with no problems. I remove the slides and put them in the silver ware baskets and seperated to keep them from banging into each other.
    would never put a laquer horn horn in a dish washer. OK - start the flames.
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    Re: Crazy idea

    It has nothing to do with "flames". My 2 cents is that it's a good idea, BUT.... (you knew it was coming) there's NO WAY on God's green earth that I'd do that to my "baby"!!! Silver plated, lacquered, raw...doesn't matter!! The drying part is no big deal. You just take it out before it starts the dry cycle & dry it like you would if it was in a tub with warm MILD soapy water. For me the "hang up" comes in the whole "jet action" during the wash cycle. How would you secure your trumpet in the dishwasher so that it's not knocked around & damaged.

    Personally...I like doing "preventative maintenance" on my horns. That's when YOU let YOUR horn know that you really, REALLY care about it.
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    Re: Crazy idea

    Thanks guys for all the replies. Some were rather amusing, but I took all of them seriously. Rushtucky mentioned not washing brass instruments in hot water, while my horn is silver plated what would hot water do to a brass instrument? At what temp is the water too hot for the brass.

    Think I'll just stick to the tub method .

    Thanks, Bill
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