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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Critique my playing in the General forums; A good staccato should still be able to "ring." We don't have the resonant body of a string instrument to ...
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    Re: Critique my playing

    A good staccato should still be able to "ring." We don't have the resonant body of a string instrument to help us do that (maybe one good thing to be said about violas). Staccato should be thought of as "separated" rather than "short" for our default approach. Depending on the performance space notes can be played shorter, but typically that is in a European Gothic Cathedral rather than a typical American concert hall.

    Some things are played secco, but those are usually limited to specific notes, rather than every time a dot is written over a note.
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    Re: Critique my playing

    Quote Originally Posted by garmeth View Post
    To Mark,

    to clarify things, my phrasing was bad on the scales?

    To Rowuk,

    what exactly do I need to do to improve my breathing/etc after the audtion?
    I have a bunch of posts here called "Circle of Breath". That pretty much covers the whole thing.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Critique my playing

    Sounds pretty good. Other than the previous comments, I think you need to play these examples more "straight", as you tend to have a slightly jazzy feel to your playing, part of which could be the attacks.
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    Re: Critique my playing

    Slow down...focus on good tone before raw power and speed. If your sound is more clean and robust you'll have more attentive ears. Your rushing and your airstream needs to become more steady. It's okay to take a good deep breath or a few breaths in intervals. Don't get me wrong...I probably couldn't have played it better but I hear you making the same mistakes I continue to make...

    Breath work is a good idea...long tones and lip slurs are always good. Wouldn't be great if there was a device to recycle air back to the lungs while playing? An auto circular breathing mouthpiece :) Maybe in the year 2050

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