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Trumpet Discussion Discuss At a Crossroads in my music career in the General forums; I was thinking about what I wrote . . . There are some things the drum corps helped me to ...
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    Re: At a Crossroads in my music career

    I was thinking about what I wrote . . . There are some things the drum corps helped me to progress on, some things they didn't stand in the way . . . and there were some things that I could see deficiencies with that I would have benefited from having a teacher for. I truly enjoyed the experience, and I would not trade it.

    Now, here is an idea that I think might have merit, and might make sure you get the practice time you need. Think about performing in individuals competition at DCI. Find a good piece that you'd like to perform - something that will challenge you technically, and that will dovetail well with your technical studies. Then you have every reason to work on your studies and a technical piece, AND, you'll have an opportunity to perform.

    How does that sound?

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    Re: At a Crossroads in my music career

    Hey bro. I was an all-state trumpet player in high school, but chose to switch to Euphonium in college.. If you go to a good school it won't matter,, I just played trumpet in some bands, but I was good enough on Euphonium to make 1st chair in my college's top band my freshman year.. It was well worth it.. I played Trumpet in Marching Band and pep band.. Then I would play french horn in Varsity Band.. Just don't throw the trumpet out.. I still consider myself a Trumpet player today.. Not a Euphonium player.. Remember.. "You Can Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too!!

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