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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Custom trumpet stands in the General forums; Happy New Year to everyone! Recently my husband and I have built a wood shop and I have been enjoying ...
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    Custom trumpet stands

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Recently my husband and I have built a wood shop and I have been enjoying working on the lathe. I made myself a trumpet stand out of several different types of hardwood. The two pieces (base and holder) are affixed and will not come apart so it certainly wouldn't be the best stand to carry to rehearsals or gigs but more a stand for a practice area at home. Because it is constructed of hardwood it is also quite heavy making it a more sturdy alternative to other widely available stands. When I was turning it, I fit it specifically to my Bach 72 bell so it would likely be possible to customize for specific instruments.

    Pictures of my creation may be viewed here:

    Trumpet stand Photos by kvanlare | Photobucket

    Thanks for reading and looking I would appreciate any input regarding whether or not people would be interested in purchasing such an item and how much would be a fair price.

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    It is very pretty, but I would be concerned that it might benefit from something soft (cloth, leather...) in between the stand and the horn, which would obscure the looks. For use as a display stand, where you are not constantly removing and replacing the horn, it's a great idea. Someone with a collection might like a row of them affixed to a single base.

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    It is way too pretty to hide with a trumpet!
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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    too heavy! gotta make mine from balsa wood!

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    Very, very nice. True craftsmanship. Looks so smooth you could set the horn bell on it and it would smooth out any mute dinks

    Have you ever seen the older wooden stands? I have one from the late 60s and really like it. It has 3 rubber washer like attachments that hold the horn off of the wood.

    Anyway, nice work!
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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    Will it fit different bell flares or is for a specific trumpet?

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    My problem about the stands you produce is shipping costs and customs from Alberta, Canada and I don't expect to ever be able to visit again. I'll just have to make do with what I have.

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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    Such a thing might be good for home display but I would never use it for concert venues.


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    Re: Custom trumpet stands

    Kathie, beautiful craftsmanship. Of course someone would love to buy it. As noted above, I would worry about the hard surface on the inside of the bell. Might I suggest, on your next creation, turning some small groves into it and sliding some O-rings into them to hold out the metal away from the wood. Your local ACE Hardware should have a nice selection of various sizes that should do the trick. About an inch or two between O-rings should be fine, and they are inexpensive too. I think the rubber and wood combination would look cool! It may take some work to get it just right so that the stand wont stick in the bell and become a mute when you pick up the horn to play. It is a heavy looking piece, so a little graphite or talc may be all it will need.

    Since so many of us here have the n+1 and have a few horns that are not our daily players due to their sad state of repair, might I suggest that you think about expanding your product line to include wall hanging plaques. The quality that you have shown us would make a very neat basis for hanging our trumpets with interesting features, like dents, corrosion, and missing or misshapen parts. You could sell more than a few of those for sure. Best wishes.
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