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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Dalton Smith in the General forums; Originally Posted by Tom Mac I have always been a great fan of the Stan Kenton Trpt Sections. Particularly those ...
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    Re: Dalton Smith

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mac View Post
    I have always been a great fan of the Stan Kenton Trpt Sections. Particularly those of the 50's and 60's. Does anyone know about the "where they are now" of some of those great players. I am particularly interested in Dalton Smith who played in the same section as Bud Brisbois. Tragicly, Bud Brisbois is no longer with us. But how about Sam Noto, Bob Behrent, Norman Baltazar, Phil Gilber and Lee Katzman? I know Conte Canoli passed away in 2003 and Marv Stamm is still very active (and very cool). These guys came from the big band age and set the standard. Any info is welcome.

    P.S. I did find some amusing stories about Dalton Smith. He must have been (or is) a real character.
    I know this is an old post, but I was looking for something and ran across it. I am Dalton's son. That was a great trumpet section. As a kid my Dad's practicing drove me crazy, as an adult I sure miss it. The quote about my father by Gary grant, a great friend of our family, is pretty much what happened. In answer to your question, or comment, yes, my dad was a character.

    Thanks for keeping the memory alive.
    Kenton Smith
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    Re: Dalton Smith

    To Kenton Smith,

    It is good to hear from you. I have always admired your father's playing very much. The first time I heard him play with Stan Kenton was the Stan Kenton Road Show in Bakersfield, CA in 1959. At another time I was fortunate to get to talk to him for a while. The Road Show band was very exciting and also had Bud Brisbois in the trumpet section. Some of Dalton's phrasings I heard that night have been with me every since.

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    Re: Dalton Smith

    I am Dalton's step daughter. He was married to my mother Marilyn King and played with my father in Stan Kenton trombonist Kent Larsen.Dalton did have some great stories. Kenton , would love to chat with you it has been so long.
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    Re: Dalton Smith

    FYI, there is a book by Lillian Arganian titled "Stan Kenton: The Man and His Music". It is filled with interviews of various Kenton related people, including Dalton Smith.

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