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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Dead Skin in the General forums; Originally Posted by BigSwingFace Exfoliation tips on a trumpet forum? Now I've seen it all. I use Blistex DCT (daily ...
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    Re: Dead Skin

    Quote Originally Posted by BigSwingFace View Post
    Exfoliation tips on a trumpet forum? Now I've seen it all.

    I use Blistex DCT (daily conditioning treatment) religiously in the winter but usually don't need it in warmer weather. It comes in a little tub and is usually with all the other lip balms. When my lips are like yours, and I feel like the skin of my lips could peel off, I do nothing. You'll almost certainly pull of more skin than is ready to go which will result in soreness and possibly superficial bleeding. If it affects my playing, either physically or psychologically, I just use a wet wash cloth which removes the dead skin without being too harsh.
    So basically you remove all the dead skin that wants to come off, stop playing, and you let it grow back naturally?
    After wiping do your lips have uneven skin? Do you play again after you wipe off with a wash cloth? Personally after I wipe off, I get a horrible double buzz and cannot play.
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    Re: Dead Skin

    Wash the mouthpiece off and look for any sign of the brass showing through--that might be the culprit.
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