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Trumpet Discussion Discuss decline of cornet soloists in the General forums; By the way, have you been to the ?...
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    By the way, have you been to the ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecarroll View Post

    TrumpetMike caught you...we need to all remember that this is an international site. The cornet soloist is still flourishing indeed in the UK!

    I'm hardly a historian and the following is filled with holes but mercifully brief (please excuse my randomness).

    Consider the changes in musical society over the past 150 years. Many homes not only had a piano in the parlor but also were owned by people who put in the countless hours needed to play them, and play them well. Withought active music making there would be no music in everyday life (shocking, I'm sure, to our recent iPod babies). News of the latest operas from Europe could be found in the larger American newspapers but the only way to hear the latest from Milano or Vienna was via transcription, usually performed by touring wind bands (called "Italian Bands" since they were similar in instrumentation to bandas.

    The cornet was a relatively new instrument at the turn of the 20th century. Virtuoso players such as Kryl, Clarke, Levy, and Chambers emerged, but what to play? Nothing had been composed for their new toy, afterall. Most turned to transcribing popular and art music, adding their own astonishing flourishes and variations. Music was heard outdoors, in the park, and in far more intimate concert settings than in Orchestra Hall. It was music for the people, not for the connoisseur.

    . . . then King Oliver emerged from New Orleans. A whole new style of American art music was born and we never looked back.

    On a related note, check out this old thread (one of the first) on my forum:

    Best, and I look forward to other comments.
    You know, I've often thought that Thomas Edison really screwed up the music business. Were it not for recordings we'd all have a much easier time. If someone had to hire a musician every time they wanted music, we'd be rolling in it.

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    Perhaps, but how in the world could we enjoy the pleasures of African and Japanese drumming, Indonesian gamalan, eastern European bands, etc.? He did us a great service in that regard...

    (live music is immeasurably better than canned, however)


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    It is a shame that the cornet is less popular in America (it was never really popular in Germany-they play flugelhorn here).
    I think the main reason is that there are no jobs in America for cornet.
    Almost everybody that has played a decent cornet realizes that it is easier to play than a trumpet, is not as obnoxious to the reed section (this is probably another reason) and would like to play it more - but where? Except for a little Berlioz there is not much orchestral use (the Soldiers Tale is chamber music for me-not orchestral), the New Orleans brass bands or Salvation Army are also limited in the number of players required. The factory bands have died and most school band teachers don't or can't REQUIRE cornet.
    I think that we can be grateful that England has kept the tradition going-otherwise the major manufacturers would decide that they can't sell enough to keep production going!
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