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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Detroit, Michigan Area Trumpeters in the General forums; If there are any Detroit area trumpeters interested in hooking up, I'll be in Southgate from MARCH 26th through 28th. ...
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    Thumbs up Detroit, Michigan Area Trumpeters

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    Re: Detroit, Michigan Area Trumpeters

    What is the nature of your visist to the Detroit area?

    Can we have a little more info?

    Location?, time? etc.
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    Exclamation Re: Detroit, Michigan Area Trumpeters

    I will be in Southgate section of Detroit, doing individual lessons (one hour sessions), CHOPCHECKStm (three hour comprehensive diagnostic and prescriptive chop work), and master classes for high school students at a couple of schools.

    Bob Cox is managing my scheduling there. There are still slots open for those who are interested.

    My fees are generally $100/hour, and thus a CHOPCHECKtm is $300, but I am willing to negotiate for folks who need to do so (understand the economy).

    I am also willing to barter lessons for used musical instruments in playable condition, accessories and books, etc, which I use in my missionary work in Haiti.

    I will even offer a full scholarship to those who are out-of-work and need some chops help.

    Feel free to email me directly [email protected] for more information or to ask for a scholarship.

    I don't discuss my scholarship arrangements generally, since I try to protect the privacy of my students.

    For those who are unable to meet with me in person, I do offer lessons via SKYPE, which is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol and video call program/application).

    You can download the free software here: Skype official website – download Skype free now for free calls and internet calls

    My SKYPE name is jeanne.gabriel.pocius You will need to add me as a contact after installing the program.

    You do need a microphone and webcam to take advantage of this (under $40 at Radio Shack).

    A final alternative is a telephone consultation. You may call me at 978.317.4731 (cell)

    I look forward to working with you!


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    Lightbulb Re: Detroit, Michigan Area Trumpeters

    Oh, yes, sorry about that: the dates:

    I will arrive in Detroit on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th, and will be there

    Wed 3/25 (arriving early afternoon)

    Thurs 3/26

    Fri 3/27

    and Sat 3/28 (flying out late afternoon)

    There are times available on each of those days/evenings.


    the differences between a lesson and a CHOPCHECKtm are as follow:

    CHOPCHECKtm (Preliminary Establishment of Efficient Playing Technique/Embouchure)

    1. Evaluation of your current chops setup (mouthpiece placement, anchor spot ID, articulation,etc)

    2. Evaluation of your current warmup and practice routine

    3. Diagnosis of your natural "Playing Arc"tm (the most natural way for your horn to move while you are playing from lower registers to higher registers and to jump registers easily)

    4. Evaluation of your breathing technique

    5. Establishment of preliminary muscle memory in posture, holding the horn, embouchure, Playing ARCtm, etc.

    6. Prescription Daily Diagnostic CHOPCHECKtm, modified to your personal needs.

    7. Recommendation of a daily/weekly practice regimen, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    This is why the CHOPCHECKtm generally lasts 3 hours (sometimes longer)

    Obviously, in a one hour lesson, we are not able to accomplish as much as in a CHOPCHECKtm, but we cover basic elements in less detail, and usually focus on a specific goal in literature or application.

    If you are an established player who is confident in his/her chops, but would like insights into articulation, interpretation, and/or general efficiency, you'd probably be happy with the one hour lesson.

    If you are a comeback player, amateur or student level player, I encourage you to consider the CHOPCHECKtm for your first lesson with me.

    Also, I expect to be back in Detroit at least once per month in the future (and will consider more frequent visits if there is sufficient interest).

    Hope this has been helpful, please let me know if you'd like more details.


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