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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Di Nicola trumpets in the General forums; I have recently started over (for the umpteenth time) after not playing for about 5 years. During that time I ...
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    Di Nicola trumpets

    I have recently started over (for the umpteenth time) after not playing for about 5 years. During that time I sold my Edwards horn _with all the lead pipe, bell configurations- a wonderful Courtois flugelhorn and a Yamaha cornet. I am now left with a Besson cornet, a Buescher cornet and a trumpet made by Bob Di Nicola. I never really used the trumpet but now I am starting to play it. I don't have good chops yet but it seems to be a pretty good horn in all registers. I don't know anyone who has had one and I wondered what the consensus is about the horn. Anyone have any experience that they can pass along?

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    Re: Di Nicola trumpets

    I owned a Puje, some years ago, but have never played, held, or even seen one of DeNicola's trumpets. I do remember reading or hearing that DeNicola was a fan of the Selmer K-Modified trumpet, and that his trumpets (built with Blessing components) were inspired by the Selmer design.

    And I do remember seeing one or two of his trumpets in the used trumpets section of the Dillon Music website that had the valves-forward "balanced" layout, like the famous Selmer Balanced models. As I recall, one of the balanced DeNicolas was a C trumpet.
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