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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Dishsoap and valves.... in the General forums; Originally Posted by Phil986 That would only apply if you'd let the horn air-dry every time (instead of wiping it) ...
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    Re: Dishsoap and valves....

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil986 View Post
    That would only apply if you'd let the horn air-dry every time (instead of wiping it) and it would still take so many occurrences to form even a thin deposit that it's not really a factor. There are many worse things that can happen to a horn than the little mineral left behind by a cleaning.
    It's calcium carbonate from a limestone / marble source which adheres mostly to aged galvanized or iron plumbing rather than the brass / copper of your instrument. If worried about it, install a filtration system in your home or business, and no I don't sell them or have any association with any company that makes them or sells them ... we just have one.

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    Re: Dishsoap and valves....

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Lee View Post
    Rinse with mix of white vinegar and water to remove residue soap, and then follow with clear water rinse. Don't let any fluid contact valve felts or corks.
    The vinegar gets rid of the residue? I am definitely trying that. And I always remove the felts and corks just in case.
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    Re: Dishsoap and valves....

    I aways clean the exterior in warm soapy (Joy Liquid) water, snake the instrument with the same, rinse with filtered water, followed by a rinse with 90% isopropyl alcohol to both sanitize the horn and emulsify any remaining water. After allowing it to dry thoroughly, I lubricate and reassemble.

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