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Trumpet Discussion Discuss DIY Refinishing. in the General forums; Today I received a private message from one of the members of trumpetmaster. He would be selling a cornet and ...
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    DIY Refinishing.

    Today I received a private message from one of the members of trumpetmaster.
    He would be selling a cornet and he sent me some pictures of the cornet.
    It needs refinishing but can you do refinishing by yourself at home?
    Anyone done one?? at home before?
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    You sure you don't want the gold plated variety I mentioned in that other post? Re-finishing? eh. That's for a professional in a good shop to do. I wouldn't try it because it would look like an amateur did it and that would be lame.
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    Leave it to the pros.
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    What is the finish now? If it is bright silver it can be cleaned and polished Baking soda and Aluminium foil method and then a silver polish. Satin silver Baking Soda only. Lacquer in poor condition can be stripped and left as raw brass to develop a patina, polished bright or a matt finish with fine steel wool. This is about all you can do at home.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    You can strip the lacquer using paint remover and polish the raw brass with Brasso. Some players apply wax to the polished instrument to retard tarnishing. As for lacquering it yourself, forget trying to get any reasonable finish. Leave that to the pros.
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    Yes, stripping lacquer should be doable. Then you can decide to keep it brightly polished (will need to use a car wax on it to slow tarnish) or let it go patina. By the way, I had a great playing Olds Super in raw brass but hated the raw brass. Really a pain. You smell like brass after playing, and it will turn you green in very hot weather. Finally sold it.

    Silver or gold - need a pro to do it.
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    Just earlier tonight I finished stripping the laquer off my cornet. Well I still have valve casings, they are some work did it all with Brasso and polished it and that will be it. Have you ever encountered stinky laqure?
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    Re: DIY Refinishing.

    The real issue is prepping the metal so that whatever you want to use to finish it sticks. Standard paint usually will deaden the sound and flake off after a short while. Even the pros get gold plate wrong sometimes. If the horn is a beater and you are not a professional player, no one is stopping you from having fun however. We want to see pictures though!
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