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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Do we really need all these "stickys"? in the General forums; The list seems to be growing and some are needed while others are quite stale....
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    Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    The list seems to be growing and some are needed while others are quite stale.
    Bruce in the Peg

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    Re: Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    I'd answer that if I knew what you were talking about. lol
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    Re: Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    Chuck Willard
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    Re: Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    Click on "new posts" and bookmark that as the page you always open up. You'll only have to deal with posts with newly added content then.
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    Re: Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    Hi Bruce,
    in this forum, I make topics sticky that have general interest (in my opinion) over a longer time.
    Forming a trumpet guild or a major trumpet event qualify. I also have some tidbits for the "new" TMer that is willing to read. If their first post is about quadruple C, we may have to deal with an analphabet.
    Jeanne Pocius Haiti effort is also an ongoing drive to get instruments. I consider this to be a very noble practice with PROVEN results. It deserves not to dissappear.
    Let me know exactly which sticky is stale in your opinion. I am always open to constructive criticism and things that make TrumpetMaster easier and more fun to use.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Do we really need all these "stickys"?

    Bruce,....... I feel at times you ask too many questions.

    No offense.

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