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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Do you have trumpet nightmares? in the General forums; When I was a kid, I dreamed I took my new cornet down into the shop to polish it. I ...
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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    When I was a kid, I dreamed I took my new cornet down into the shop to polish it. I ended up using a grinding wheel, and before I knew it, there was nothing left but the valve block. I woke up in a panic. It was all vivid enough that I still remember it 35 years later (and only use a flannel cloth now:)

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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    I guess I should feel lucky, I have never had a trumpet or music nightmare. Most of my nightmares involve zombies or those gigantic evil entities that can step over mountains and find you where ever you hide.... you know, ex wives.
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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darten View Post
    ... you know, ex wives.
    ... what about ex-trumpets?

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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    How bout this. I dream I can play anything I want and sound great.

    Then I wake up and realize it was all a dream. Then the nightmare begins again for that day.

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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    I arrive just before a concert and discover I left my white tie and tails at home far, far away.
    I'll bet we could get almost 100% membership participation (+1) for a poll on that one, or a similar scenario. I did that ONCE with a Dinner Jacket job. I played in tux and everyone else had the white. It was not fun.
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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    I dreamed that no one at TM asks anymore about what mouthpieces are best. That was a real nightmare. The thought that the mouthpiece manufacturers were about to go broke woke me up with a cold sweat!
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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    My trumpet nightmare - is that I actually turned out to be a better player than I ever imagined I could on my comeback -- and people asked me to play for a major concert ---- when I saw the thousands of people looking at me -- then they found out - I have "stage fright"

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    Re: Do you have trumpet nightmares?

    Sort of. I have a bum tooth that was broken as a child. It eventually died, and I had a rood canal and a cap. But not infrequently I have dreams that it is loose and falling out. Sometimes the dream begins with playing the trumpet (and WOW can I play in my dreams!), then I check my tooth and discover it's loose. It's not scary but very stressful.
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