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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Does it ever feel easy? in the General forums; Originally Posted by joshuasullins This seems like a cop-out of a response, but honestly, practice. Practice is the only answer. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuasullins
    This seems like a cop-out of a response, but honestly, practice. Practice is the only answer. Will those high notes get easier. Yes. Absolutely. But you will have to put in the time and practice on upper register studies. Range is a cummulative thing. Eventually you will be talking about, "whether double G's will ever be easy"

    Don't worry! Just practice!

    and is that true about the masseuses?!

    Joshua Sullins
    With all due respect, this answer just doesn't do it for me. I have come across players who really worked on range, and practiced their tails off to no avail; if you have bad chops habits, all you are going to accomplish with more practice is to continue to struggle with the upper register, and the bad habits will be reinforced.

    I believe that for some people, it won't ever be easy. There are some who are blessed with it an have never had to worry about it. Then there are people like me who have always had to work on it and practice for the sake of practice is not the answer.
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    I will submit that range has always been my primary strength. I am mostly a lead player, so perhaps my opinion is wrong, but I can only speak from personal experience. However, I don't think I implied that practice just for the sake of practice is the answer. I still believe that practice approached in an efficient and analytical manner is the answer. Doing nothing certainly will not improve one's range.

    There are some people who can pick up the horn and just scream, but just because you can't hit double G's when you are 15, doesn't mean that when you are 25 you won't be able to play double C's with power and projection. I maintain, practice. "Determination alone is omnipotent" ~B. Shew.
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    Does it ever feel easy? No but after years and years of difficult study it does feel 'easier' Anything that is worth acheiving takes years to perfect.
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