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Trumpet Discussion Discuss does this work????? in the General forums; Originally Posted by jonster hi guys. i have a quick question for you. many a times i see professional trumpet ...
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    Re: does this work?????

    Quote Originally Posted by jonster View Post
    hi guys. i have a quick question for you. many a times i see professional trumpet players playing a monette mouthpiece with a non-monette instrument. ex> bach strad w/ monette mouthpiece. i was wondering if monette mouthpieces actually make a standard horn sound better, or is it just the name? i was trying to decide whether i wanted to spend $200 on a mouthpiece and then it sounds like crap. i currently play a getzen eterna 700 special and a bach 3C gold plated mouthpiece. t he eterna naturally has a sharp and bright sound, but the sound i like is dark and warm, so i tried to compensate with the gold plating. will the monette help at all?????????
    Jonster,Why dont you try a 3c bach Megatone.I play the 1 1/2 c Mega and its easier to play than my standard 1 1/2c.Its also much darker,richer and robust than the standard bach.The extra mass gives it the sound character and it has a slightly larger throat than the standard model which for me makes it more flexible.I dont think many people play them,but I like mine.

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    Re: does this work?????

    You're gonna get a million different arguments about what mouthpieces you should use and why. but the answer (givin on the rest of the "which one should i use" equipment related threads) is what works for you. If you are in the market for a new mouthpiece, just go to a store where they have all these different brands and try them all. if you got 315$ to spend, go for it. if you find a 35$ stock bach mouthpiece that works for you, go for it.

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