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If someone is barfing something out of their horn on par with the average 7th grader, do you think it's okay to have them ruin it for the others, or ask them to work on their game and try again later?
There might be another way to deal with the low ability level issue. We have a few folks in our band, for example, whose general technique is limited. The director allows them to go ahead an bang away at the part very early on. But as we approach the public concert time we'll hear him say something on the order of, "Those of you who are still struggeling to play technically hard passages in some of the music should edit out those parts and let those who can play them well do so. Play the sections of the music that you have confidence with and where you can make a contribution." In other words, stay out of the way if you can't cut it. If necessary he'll say this privately to key offenders.

This seems to work well for us and it has the added benifet of every member feeling good about their contribution.