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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Double buzz problem in the General forums; This started to happen a couple of months ago...It is possible that I did a bit too much on a ...
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    Double buzz problem

    This started to happen a couple of months ago...It is possible that I did a bit too much on a day I was preparing for an audition...

    Since then double buzz appears now and then mainly in the middle register and in dynamics louder than mf.

    First I thought it was just fatigue, tired embouchure muscles or something of the kind, but since it appears in different situations, sometimes when I am tired and sometimes in the beginning of my daily practice I haven't found a pattern yet.

    Any suggestions?

    I know that at the end of the day I will have to figure it out on my own, but suggestions may be helpful...or not

    P.S. Probably I should mention that I have no particular problems with range or endurance.

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    Re: Double buzz problem

    I have had to fight with the double buzz on occasion. It was always a sign that I had a program that was pretty much at the upper limit of my endurance. Some pedal tones after every gig or practice session seemed to help get my face to settle down more. It also seemed to be limited to my mouthpiece with the biggest throat. Dave Monette made me a B2 Ajna Prana mouthpiece with a huge backbore (88) and throat (his suggestion). I called him and explained the problem and he made me another one with an 84 backbore and slightly smaller throat where I have never had problems. With the Prana3 I have never had the double buzz. The new mouthpieces have 81 backbores and more "moderate" throats. My sound is as big and dark and the horn is similarly "free blowing".
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    Re: Double buzz problem

    My double buzz shows up when I press my lips too much together (top to bottom, north to south; how ever you want to phrase it. Dropping my jaw just a smidge (i.e. small amount) makes the double buzz go away at once. For some players, a double buzz can occur when the mouthpiece under pressure gets rotated (twisted) a bit.

    You might want to try the jaw thing first.

    Good luck!
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