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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Double G in 3 minutes in the General forums; Hmmm old trumpet suddenly becomes my high note screamer. Love it...
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    Re: Double G in 3 minutes

    Hmmm old trumpet suddenly becomes my high note screamer. Love it
    Andrew Sapcote

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    Re: Double G in 3 minutes

    So, to look at it another way, the enormous time, effort and money spend to developing high range chops, buying the greatest equipment and debating everything from embouchures to breathing is nothing more than a vein, or vain, attempt to mimic a dog's $5 squeak toy.

    It's not wonder bands around the world have dumped us horn players in favor of the keyboard players with a squeak-toy voice on his synthesizer.
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    Re: Double G in 3 minutes

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Do more long tones and don't be a brute!!
    either way -- I have to put some OOOOMPH in the notes, or they end up "squeaking" like the little doggy toy ------------------------------- one thing I can say ----- at least when the synthesizer replaces me as a trumpet player, I am still the only guy in the area that wasted over 3000 hours of his life just to play those notes, that nobody else can
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