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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Doubling euphonium and trumpet in the General forums; Try a Tenor (Alto) Horn - the MP is smaller than a 'bone MP....
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    Re: Doubling euphonium and trumpet

    Try a Tenor (Alto) Horn - the MP is smaller than a 'bone MP.

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    Re: Doubling euphonium and trumpet

    I once had a job playing euphonium--just a couple of times a week, Hope this helps. but it lasted over a year. Never had a steady trumpet gig that lasted that long. Anyway, it was killing my trumpet playing--so basically I quit practicing the euphonium--just playing when I was being paid to. If I had to work a piece I only did about 15 minutes a day. And, as best I can remember, I practiced euphonium at the end of my regular practice time---but I always picked up a trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn before I actually quit.

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    Re: Doubling euphonium and trumpet

    Thanks for all of the help

    From what you all have said, I'm going to be gradually working the euphonium into my schedule over the next month where I have restricted playing time and trumpet concerts, and then after that I'll be switching frequently during practice so that I get used to doubling, does that sound about right? thanks.
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    Re: Doubling euphonium and trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by Mamba21500 View Post
    does that sound about right?


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    Re: Doubling euphonium and trumpet

    Some days I practice trumpet in the morning and euphonium in the afternoon and never have I actually doubled where it was a switch in parts of a song or from one song to another. Though a distinctly different embouchure, I don't seem to have a mouthpiece change problem. Perhaps I should also say I'm playing the euph mostly in the treble clef or just shifted an octave lower which by sound it is.

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