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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Doubling Trombone? in the General forums; Not an expert, but seems like you could leverage it to do some cross training. Give your face a break ...
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    Re: Doubling Trombone?

    Not an expert, but seems like you could leverage it to do some cross training. Give your face a break and work on your breathing with the trombone, then back to it. Evidently trombone needs more air than trumpet. Also give you a chance to bone up on the ear.

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    Re: Doubling Trombone?

    NO -- I am sure it is quite impossible to play both instruments with any competence on both of them --

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪James Morrison, self-duet #1‬‏[/ame]

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    Re: Doubling Trombone?

    Andre Hayward plays trombone, but also plays alto horn and trumpet, and plays wonderfully on anything he touches.
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    Re: Doubling Trombone?

    Before my recent health and dental debacle, I was again playing all the instruments from piccolo trumpet down to tuba (it could have been Sousaphone, but I didn't have one). This is about the same as I was capable of before I went into USAF and "lost" my horns via first wife. Well, such earlier time I hadn't yet played a piccolo trumpet, as I did on my comeback and no doubt will again sometime soon.

    My summary is that some can and some have a much more difficult time trying to.

    In my earliest it was a requirement due to the shortage of band members who went off to war in WWII. The war took approximately 85% of our senior boys and approximately 35% of our juniors. This I know was the major reason that I was selected to play in the high school band when I was only in 8th grade ... not because of my skill then. There were just 9 of us with 5 stripes on our band letters when I graduated HS and 3 of them were girls.

    However, I am selling my old King trombone (student quality), whereas my euphonium covers the range except for the most perfect slur.

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