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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Dream ITG? in the General forums; Given no financial restrictions, who would you most like to see at ITG? - presenters, performers, clinics, masterclasses etc? I ...
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    Dream ITG?

    Given no financial restrictions, who would you most like to see at ITG? - presenters, performers, clinics, masterclasses etc?

    I wish I could say this is due to an upcoming "I'm going to host ITG" but I have no venue nor ability to organise one in my place of work, I am just very interested in who and what people might like to see - and the reasons why.

    My top ensemble is German Brass - I have yet to see these guys live and having seen and chatted with Matthias this year the thought of the whole ensemble is something that I would truly love to experience.

    So what would everyone else like to see?

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    Tom Stevens

    Tomasz Stanko

    Nicholas Payton

    Clark Terry

    Gabriele Cassone


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    A few more

    Trent! Ha!

    Just messin wich' ya! I've got no reason to razz you other than that!

    Actually I would add to Trent's list,

    Derek Watkins

    Orbert Davis

    Claudio Roditti



    Extra Credit Question: define ttfn!



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    Re: Dream ITG?

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetmike
    ...So what would everyone else like to see?
    Lots of old freinds, for starters. Lots of new freinds, too.

    Also, Bud Herseth give a masterclass on Jacobs. Who is around that knew him better? Wilmer...I'd love to hear Wilmer give a talk, play, on the history he has witnessed and lived. Love to hear Manny give a masterclass...on just about anything. And a recital. Ed Carroll...I'd love to hear Ed play live. I'd love to see/hear Empire Brass again. And Mnozil! It would be really interesting to hear Doc or Maynard talk about their experiences, influences, approaches to playing. Al Vizzutti!

    Man...all this is coming to my head at once...
    "Roses have thorns; shining waters mud. Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun; and history reeks of the wrongs we have done. After today, after today, consider me gone."- Sting

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    A combined Masterclass with James Thompson, Mark Gould, David Krauss, and James Pandolfi all discussing sound production and demonstrating their ideas with excerpts. Along with the discussion, a really well outlined Power Point presentation identifying the main points with copies for everyone to take home.

    A shared recital with Michael Sachs, Chris Martin, David Krauss, Chris Gekker, and Phil Smith (1 piece each) so that the audience can hear the marvelous similarities and differences in their sounds. (John Williams, Tomasi, Halsey Stevens, Ewazen, Jolivet for instance).

    A masterclass on the Section Sound of three major symphony trumpet sections: depending on where the conference is and who could attend. For instance Minnesota Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Detroit Symphony Orchestra where each section would play a selection from say Scheherazade with a brief mention of how their music director has requested them to perform it the past. This would be another great opportunity to hear how great and different sections can approach the same literature. I’ll bet the audience could hear 5-7 of the most popular section excerpts in the literature!

    A recital with the above sections (and additional players from the same ensembles) for the Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli. I know that would be a crowd favorite!

    Oh, and a repeat performance of Mnozil Brass!

    I would also like to see Jens coach a really great student brass quintet like he did on a video clip that I saw on the web. Seeing transformation at the hands of a master is always inspirational!

    OK. I’m happy now! Just let me know which year to attend!
    Derek Reaban
    Tempe, Arizona

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    Trying to pick people we don't often get to hear at ITG conferences. If I could have them all, in no particular order of preference:

    Terrance Blanchard
    Ryan Kisor
    Wynton Marsalis
    Haken Hardenberger
    Ole Edvard Antonsen
    Sergei Nakariakov
    Phil Smith
    Roger Ingram

    Clinics by each would great!


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    Interesting Topic.

    Mine would be this


    German Brass

    American Brass Quintet

    Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

    Pink Baby Monster

    Berlin Phil and Vienna Phil trumpet sections

    Soloist/Clinics in no particular order

    Haken Hardenberger
    Matthis Hofs
    Reinhold Frederich
    Eric Aubier
    Michaels Sachs
    Phil Smith
    David Bilger
    Manny Laureano
    Chris Martin
    Tom Rolfs
    Billy Hunter
    David Krauss
    Jim Pandolfi
    Sergi Nakarinakov
    Goeffrey Payne

    Jim Rotundi
    Clark Terry
    Wynton Marsalis
    Nicholas Payton
    Scott Weinold

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    Hey Nick!

    Is it "ta ta for now?"

    I think that's what I remember being told once...long ago...


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    I'll add some ensembles...

    Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band

    I forgot James Morrison (actually he could qualify as an ensemble, too!)

    TTFN = ta ta for now
    Who said it?


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    Tigger of course! - T - I - double Guh - er


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