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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Drum corp!!!!!!! in the General forums; hey people i need some help please. does anybody have any recent audition music from corps like the cavaliers, boston ...
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    Drum corp!!!!!!!

    hey people i need some help please. does anybody have any recent audition music from corps like the cavaliers, boston crusaders, phantom regiment for trumpet. any corp you have really. i want to audition for a corp in a few years and id like to see what im in for. and any old shows would be great to. thanks, silverbenge97

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    Re: Drum corp!!!!!!!

    Check out their websites. Their sites may have audition material that you can download. One all age corp I was checking out does that. Not sure about DCI.
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    Re: Drum corp!!!!!!!

    It is not called drum corpse for nothing. This is all googleable.

    What are you in for: drill, drill, drill. Discipline is the most important ability. Learn to memorize music by doing that with your lesson material. Get a solid routine to strengthen your playing.

    Google is also your friend: type in DCI audition
    These were at the top:
    Drum Corps International :: Marching Music's Major League
    MARCHING.COM: Drum Corps International corps auditioning for 2012 season
    Boston Crusaders

    I found no music downloadable, but this message at the Crusader website:

    Is there any music I should prepare for the audition?
    We have outlined all audition requirement for you in your section's audition packet. Once you complete the application, you will be granted access to our audition materials. Your specific section's packet will detail the exercises you need to play for your audition.
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