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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Ear Plugs in the General forums; So I recently started playing in an RnB house band in los angeles every week at the key club, and ...
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    Ear Plugs

    So I recently started playing in an RnB house band in los angeles every week at the key club, and as fun as it is, its so ridiculously loud in the house and on stage that my ears have to be suffering. I know it's time to buy some ear plugs. I have tried to use the foam ones, in one and ear two, but they are so annoying. I can barely hear the other horn player to tune, and it sounds terrible. Who has used the expensive earplugs? Pros and cons? Any other ear protection ideas?
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    Re: Ear Plugs

    I think that it is best to get good sealing in ear monitors (Shure, AKG, Beyer, Etymotic). Then you can have a decent mix AND keep the volume down. Playing blind/deaf kind of defeats the purpose of playing at all.
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    Re: Ear Plugs

    The best general purpose ear plugs that I've fpound for the loud music and matching crowd ambiance are jet aircraft plugs which thanks to my years in aviation I've several pair and even a large headset type.

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    Re: Ear Plugs

    When I'm playing in a group, I use Etymotic earplugs. Yes they just dampen all of the sound, but I'll take that, and they're small enough that I keep a pair on my keychain.
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