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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Easter Gig in the General forums; This year I didn't play, and got to listen. I realized what a huge impact music has. I also noted ...
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    Re: Easter Gig

    This year I didn't play, and got to listen. I realized what a huge impact music has.

    I also noted that the brass quartet could have been better had I coached them, that I would have played more decisively than the soloist.

    Then I went back to being a listener.
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    Re: Easter Gig

    As VB says, music do have a huge impact on people.

    On this year's Easter day, I experienced that a person on one of the first rows
    cried openly when the last psalm of the service was sung by the congregation.

    It has happened when I have played in funerals, but never before
    in a service. It was an eye opener to me and my fellow musicians.

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    Re: Easter Gig

    Well, I was fortunate enough to play Easter for the first time in 16 years, it was awesome. A sunrise service in Fernandina Beach, Fl. We played alot of stuff including, Halle. Chorus, a Rondue, a few hymns but it was just fun to be back at it. Most of the arrangements were Canadian Brass charts so challenging as well. I had a good time.
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    Re: Easter Gig


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    Re: Easter Gig

    Quote Originally Posted by doug finch View Post
    I haven't been at it long enough to play with anybody,but wish you all a good one anyway. DF

    And the saddest part was my church didn't even have a trumpet player there ): I would've loved to have been given the chance to play. Oh well, maybe next year

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    Re: Easter Gig

    Played in a quartet (2 trpt, 2 trbn) while running a 101-degree fever. Based on comments from my colleagues who attend that church we played well, but all I truly remember is that the picc trumpet seemed really, really loud!

    It would have been nice to stay home, but where are you going to find a substitute at 9am Easter morning?
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    Cool Re: Easter Gig

    Know what you mean, Sturmbill. All three of us had sinus issues Sunday morning, plus, I' allergic to Easter lillies.
    Used to help part time delivering flowers during the two big seasons. Every time I walked into the green house that had the lillies in it........WHAM!!!!!
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    Re: Easter Gig

    Died of incense burning.... I love Easter services, but the censer being swung around and around and around and around, right in front of a quintet that is breathing in copious amounts of air.

    Just a minor dilemma in the grand scheme of things. It was a very blessed day, and I got to play the trumpet and get paid!

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    Re: Easter Gig

    Quote Originally Posted by samdaman View Post
    Died of incense burning.... I love Easter services, but the censer being swung around and around and around and around, right in front of a quintet that is breathing in copious amounts of air.
    I quit doing catholic services for that very reason!
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    Re: Easter Gig

    For me, A tune called "Jesus Lives, Alleluia" on cornet with my church choir during preparation of gifts and recessional with the church bell choir playing an arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" on C trumpet. Saturday Vigil Mass - same tunes, but reversed placement. That's an experience, playing with bell choir that all of us should have, just once. Balance is really hard depending on what octave bell sets are playing at any given time. Both Sat. Vigil and Sunday service were gratis, but that's what I do at Easter in my parish church.

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