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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Easy Brilliance in the General forums; Dear Mr. Hooten, First of all, allow me to say congratulations on the impact you've had on Atlanta tumpet players ...
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    Easy Brilliance

    Dear Mr. Hooten,

    First of all, allow me to say congratulations on the impact you've had on Atlanta tumpet players both a a musician and a teacher. I've seen some of your students play and one of the patterns that I've noticed is that they play almost anything with a complete ease. There seems to be almost no effort shown on their face as they play throughout all ranges of the horn, all dynamics, and all styles of playing with the utmost control. I was wondering what it is that you teach them to do that allows them to play so easily.
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    Re: Easy Brilliance


    Thanks for the question. One of the things I try to do in my own playing is to remember how easy it is to simply breathe, and how to be in a centered physical state. I try not to over exert any area of my body that doesn't have anything to do with the production process of playing the trumpet. One thing I notice in a lot of players is a tight restricted airway from too much tension in the throat or chest.
    Take some time to sit with good posture and breathe before you pick up the horn. This can go a long way towards becoming a more efficient wind player.

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