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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Eb to F trill? in the General forums; I am doing an etude study that has a bottom line eb to f trill that has me stumped. Playing ...
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    Eb to F trill?

    I am doing an etude study that has a bottom line eb to f trill that has me stumped. Playing it slow is fine, but when I try to speed it up, it sounds like I'm gurgling water. Are there any alternate fingerings that I am not aware of? Appreciate any help I can get.

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    Re: Eb to F trill?

    No alternate fingerings. Keep practicing.

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    Re: Eb to F trill?

    Get an E-flat trumpet--problem solved.

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    Re: Eb to F trill?

    Clarke #4 perhaps

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    Re: Eb to F trill?

    Yup, Clarke #4 is magic for this sort of thing.

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    Re: Eb to F trill?

    Nobody ever said that all trills have to be FAST trills. They just have to be "clean" first and related to the tempo that you are playing. A gracefully executed slow trill can often have more musical power than the maschine gun approach favored by the more "athletic" types.
    All intruments have their limits, learning to turn those limits into assets are what those exercises are about. A good example would be a "classical" half note Eb F trill: 2 8ths (Eb F) followed by an 8th note triplet (Eb F Eb). Sometimes this would also work as a pentuplet (5 equal notes Eb F Eb F Eb). The most important part is not the "absolute" approach, rather searching the music for what fits best. That makes you a more "mature" player - with specific advantages over the "technician".
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