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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Ebay Pet Peeve in the General forums; I have NEVER ( 15+ trumpets ) sold a horn at the BIN price. It's usually the reserve or a ...
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    Re: Ebay Pet Peeve

    I have NEVER ( 15+ trumpets ) sold a horn at the BIN price. It's usually the reserve or a few dollars more if there is a bidding war. Watch my Buescher Super 400 on eBay now. $425 Reserve with a BIN of $625 ending tomorrow afternoon. If it sells, I would guess $425 to $450 will be the final price.
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    Re: Ebay Pet Peeve

    I don't understand the thread. No one need auctions to get the lowest price. Auctions by definition are there to make the MOST money through competitive bidding. Stop whining and just pay the BIN price if you want something.
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    Re: Ebay Pet Peeve

    well, I have wondered how to keep the Buy It Now price on after a bid started.. so I learned something.
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    Re: Ebay Pet Peeve

    Quote Originally Posted by acarcido View Post
    I always thought the 'Buy It Now" would stay up until the bid went over that price. I suppose this would be a buyer/seller discretion.
    Me too, I thought you had to stick with the format you started with. People must know the tricks I suppose.
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    Re: Ebay Pet Peeve

    Sorry, I meant to say, that the buy it now price is almost always higher than the selling price in the end.

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