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Trumpet Discussion Discuss On edge with this trumpet in the General forums; Originally Posted by Chuck Cox Anyone else have an alternate ending to this story ? He fixed his chop problem, ...
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    Re: On edge with this trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Cox View Post
    Anyone else have an alternate ending to this story ?
    He fixed his chop problem, changed his name to Chris Botti and is now worth a cool $8 mil.
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    Re: On edge with this trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by trptchopdoc View Post
    David, first off, a couple of questions:

    1. Do you have a moustache? Believe it or not, hair can be slippery and can affect how well your mouthpiece seals, or if it slips.

    2. Do you sweat a lot when you play? That can also have an effect upon your mouthpiece set.

    3. What size and type of mouthpiece are you using?

    4. Where are you locating the mouthpiece when you start to play?

    If you can answer these questions, we can start to get to the root of your problems. Also, do you have SKYPE on your computer? (that might be the fastest way to get responses for you).

    Talk to you soon,
    Welcome back!! We have followed your harrowing story in Haiti since the earthquake and hope that things have improved some for you and your efforts there.

    Sometimes when things become too traumatic, time seems to slow down, so you're excused for resurrecting this thread. We've all done it.

    Let us know how things are going.

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    Re: On edge with this trumpet

    I had a similar problem, which I solved by getting the P.E.T.E. or you could use the pencil exercises. This aids in developing the muscles at the corners of the mouth, and surprisingly, helps loosen the chops in the center. Before, when I buzzed the mouthpiece, I got nothing but air, so I wouldn't do that as part of my warm up. It seemed like I needed more back pressure to get the buzzing sound. I bought the BERP or used the Wicks practice mute.

    After using the PETE for several months, I was able to get a good buzzing sound from the mouthpiece, and have since used buzzing as part of my warm up. I can now do the scales up to high C.

    Try it. Take your time in using the pencil or PETE, and concentrate on breathing.

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