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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Embouchure Change - Building Range in the General forums; Hi, I have been working on changing my embouchure for the last 6 weeks with guidance from a private teacher. ...
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    Angry Embouchure Change - Building Range


    I have been working on changing my embouchure for the last 6 weeks with guidance from a private teacher.

    I have gone from a very off center placement with very little top lip to a center placement. It feels very comfortable and although I have been making progress with developing tone and my lower register, I have seen very little improvement in my upper register since I started - I can't get past an E on the top space of the stave and even then I'm using too much pressure. I have been working on all the fundamentals - lots of long tones (in my comfortable register), lip slurs and scales.

    Can anyone give me any guidance on whether this is completely normal or suggest any further exercises I can do to see an improvement? I have been working hard every single day and it's beginning to get frustrating to have not seen an improvement.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Embouchure Change - Building Range

    I know a guy who at one point decided upon embarking on an embouchure change. According to what he told me, he was a typical player who had range to 2nd ledger C/D. From what he told me, this process took him almost a full year, and it initially resulted in a total breakdown of his chops and ability to play. By the time I met him, he could pick off a double C on a bugle with a 1.5C mouthpiece. I'd say to give it time to let the process work. At this point you are completely retraining your embouchure to work differently and to vibrate in a place where it never really did before, and that takes time. It doesn't surprise me at all to hear that at 6 weeks in you are still struggling with range.

    Here's a current vid of my friend - he has absolutely no limitations where range and endurance are concerned.

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    Re: Embouchure Change - Building Range

    It sounds like you're in the same place I was about 20 months ago.

    What has your private tutor advised you to work on? Six weeks is really very little time to gauge progress so far.
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    Re: Embouchure Change - Building Range

    It does take a long time to build embouchure strength, especially after a change in playing position, or so I found. One thing that helped me was remembering to have easy days and hard days. I still do that - I'll have days where I do a lot of heavy work, and then just take it easy the next day, keeping a good sound. The day after, I almost always get a semitone higher than usual, with less effort than before.

    I (used to) run half-marathons, and in training I was advised to vary my routine, doing days of sprints, and other days of long distance. Eventually I would vary the speed of sections of the long distance, so that my body never got stuck into one way of running only. This was helpful when the half-marathon had any major hills up or down. What I found was the same - days after I had done a lot of work, my muscles were tired, and I needed to take it easy, to let them recuperate. If (and when) I let them rest by having an easy day, the day after that was much easier! I'd be fresher, faster, and fitter.

    I hope you find your own solution.
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    Re: Embouchure Change - Building Range

    When I moved my mouthpiece down to center, it took about 6 months for things to normalize--well, actually better than the previous normal. It is a process, and it does take time.
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