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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Embouchure Problem... in the General forums; So whenever I try to play high, my mouthpiece slides down. I can play high notes easily that way, but ...
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    Embouchure Problem...

    So whenever I try to play high, my mouthpiece slides down. I can play high notes easily that way, but I have no control on the notes I play. Any way to fix this?
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    Re: Embouchure Problem...

    Leave it there and practice. I like playing Cichowicz long tones making sure to never move the piece off your face as you descend on each page.


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    Re: Embouchure Problem...

    Mouthpieces do not slide on their own... they are actively pushed by muscle... Don't actively push, tighten the exit hole and aim it straight down the bore of the mouthpiece, but don't push.... Relax around the rim.
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    Re: Embouchure Problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by keigoh View Post
    I can play high notes easily that way, but I have no control on the notes I play.
    Hi keigoh. I may have misunderstood you. But if you have "no control" on the notes you play, then I would say that you can't play high notes easily.

    Everything on the trumpet has to be earned. This includes high notes. If the mouthpiece is moving around and you don't have control on the notes coming, then it sounds like you maybe haven't earned them yet.

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    Re: Embouchure Problem...

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    Re: Embouchure Problem...

    It is my obsevation that the best trumpet players DO NOT MOVE the mpc on their upper lip, but may disengage the lower lip completely when breathing.

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