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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Embouchure visualizer alternative? in the General forums; A guy told me that there is a product really similar to a visualizer that you can find at hardware ...
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    Embouchure visualizer alternative?

    A guy told me that there is a product really similar to a visualizer that you can find at hardware stores like home depot but he doesn't know the name or what it's for... does anyone know anything about it? What is it called? Or if it works as good as a visualizer
    Thanks in advanced

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    To be honest with you, I have never seen such an unnamed devise as you describe at a hardware store. You could, however, be creative and stroll over to the nuts and bolts isle and try to find a nut the same diameter as your mpc. Then you could get an 8 inch lag bolt and weld it at a 45 degree angle to the nut. This will require that you purchase a small welder if one is not handy. Once that is done, you will have to smooth the inside "cup" of your rim. The power tool section has many choices of Dremel type tools you can use to contour your new visualizer. If you need assistance, customer service should be able to help. OR, you could just go to a music store (in person or on the internet) and buy one. The latter may be easier but not as much fun. I'm sure the engineers on this forum will chime in with their knowledge of all things mechanical!
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    Re: Embouchure visualizer alternative?

    A bent coathanger does fine. I really don't have much desire or need though. Lips slurs like out of the Irons book tighten everything up without having to watch.......
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    Re: Embouchure visualizer alternative?

    Do they sell slurs in home depot? I would take a dozen of boxes, please!

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