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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Embrochoure change in the General forums; So My teacher has assigned me to a embrochoure change :( this is the second time. First time failed. I ...
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    Embrochoure change

    So My teacher has assigned me to a embrochoure change :( this is the second time. First time failed. I was grtting progress but didnt stick to it enough and got back on my old embrochoure. Btw the change is from third upper lip two thirds bottom lip to exactly the opposit, two thirds upper lip and third bottome lip, but it kinda feels like my whole upper lip and a bit of my lower lip. Any how i am doing it improve my tone endirance and range.i have kind of big lips, ill post a picture on the bottom. And my teeth are straight. So im also getting a bigger mouthpiece because my first change was very hard and i always felt like there wasnt enough room to fit both lips with th e whole upper lip in. Sooooo anyways i know that the embrochoure change is like starting from zero and i kinda need some tips on how to strengthen this new embrochoure. Im going to be doing the pencil trick, mpc buzzing alot, long tones on low notes and arpeggios . I would like some comments tips experiences and more because im really nervous.

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    Re: Embrochoure change

    Hi Matan,

    read this thread: (Embouchure change?)

    There is no sense in repeating the standpoints. I am vehemently against isolating the chops from the rest of the body, brain and ears. That thread tells why!
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    Re: Embrochoure change



    I have the opposite problem of most young players, according to my teacher. Most students do more or less what you describe; they drop the mouthpiece too low. My problem is pushing the mouthpiece too high. Like, way-past-French-horn-territory-high. What I do to fix it involves a lot of annoyance, yeah, but that's gonna be there. :)

    I practise with a mirror. When I notice my mouthpiece getting too high, I simply reset and start over. You just have to play. A lot.

    That's my two cents. You've just gotta correct it when it's wrong.

    The link above is excellent as well.


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    Re: Embrochoure change

    Create a "bubble" around you and your trumpet. By this, I mean having the idea that you and the trumpet are one. A trumpet can not play itself, and a trumpeter can not play without a trumpet. Breathe in and out as if saying "how to." "How" while inhaling, "to" while exhaling. Like in Rowuk's circle of breath, the "how" and "to" should flow seamlessly together. Stand or sit straight, trying to get the top of your head as far away of your tailbone as possible. Play something using your old embouchure and listen carefully. Is it better than usual, the same (or worse)? As Rowuk has pointed out in the other thread, many of our difficulties are caused by improper use of our air or posture.

    If air and posture don't make a difference, then you might need an embouchure change. Discuss things with your teacher.
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