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Trumpet Discussion Discuss European TM Meet in the General forums; Meeting up in the flesh with sethoflagos a few days ago certainly was an uplifting experience. So I've come up ...
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    Fortissimo User barliman2001's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Vienna, Austria, Europe

    European TM Meet

    Meeting up in the flesh with sethoflagos a few days ago certainly was an uplifting experience. So I've come up with the idea of a

    European TM Conference

    to be held here in Vienna.
    Date: June/July 2016 (date to be arranged by attendees)
    Period: Long weekend (Arrival Friday afternoon/evening, full day Saturday, half day Sunday)
    Proposed Programme:
    Musical Tour of Vienna (State Opera, Musikverein, Volksoper, Mnozil's, Votruba's including guided tour of the workshop and the chance of trying out lots and lots of trumpets and much more)
    Lots of trumpet playing together
    Crash a Jam Session at Porgy & Bess Jazz Club
    See an opera or operetta together
    Generally have trumpet fun (suggestions welcome!)

    I'm volunteering to arrange things like a meeting room or hall, collection from the rail station or airport, and make local arrangements.

    I value your ideas and applications!

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    New Zealand

    Re: European TM Meet

    Sorry, barliman2001.
    I can't make it.
    :( But you can always join my Global Trumpet Union Group in TM for arranging these announcements.
    I've love to come......
    Amateur Historian on Rudy Muck & Holton
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    Old German Band Rotary Cornet
    Holton Collegiate 503 Cornet
    1950s Symphony Rotary Trumpet (Bohm&Meinl??!?)
    and tonnes of trumpets/cornets/flugels and morse keys....

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    Re: European TM Meet

    I'm interested
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    Jon Petter

    Inderbinen Alpha and Inderbinen Studie
    Monette Prana B6 S1 82
    Monette Prana B6L S1 82

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    Amrein Titanium 7FL

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    Re: European TM Meet

    Pretty sure that we'll be up for it. Though it's a bit of a trek from Lagos for just a long weekend, so we'll probably make a week of it at least.
    Bb Trumpets: Yamaha YTR-6335HSII - Flip Oakes "Wild Thing" - 1972 Getzen Eterna "Severinsen" - 1980 Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Studio - B&S 3005 WTR-L - 1963 Besson 10-10 - Monke Mystery Horn - Spiri Vario
    C Trumpet: Inderbinen Alpha 200
    Bb Bass: 1961 Holton #58 "Symphony"

    Wyrd oft nereš unfågne eorl, žonne his ellen dėah.

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    Re: European TM Meet

    Excellent Idea, my wife is getting itchy feet to come to England and Europe again next year, will start the ground work for Vienna, loved the day we had in the city 7 years ago on a Danube-Rhine cruise.

    Regards, Stuart.

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    Hillsborough, NJ

    Re: European TM Meet

    Sounds great, not saying I can do it, but looks like a well planned idea
    BigDub comments welcome!
    my avatar is my painting PM for more info
    Gmonady's editor in chief

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    Re: European TM Meet

    Excellent idea, Barlimann, involving tons of work on your part. Thank you for the offer! You might want to make arrangements for hostels to stay in. Experienced one of those in Venice. Didn't mind the sound of "hot-rod" boats in the canal so much as the mosquitoes and snoring of my colleague (who sounded as if he were dying--"snore, silence....wait for it....snore...OK, he's not dead....snore, silence....").
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    Re: European TM Meet

    Very cool idea!

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    Re: European TM Meet

    I'm interested - love Vienna!
    Ivan Hunter
    Performance and Tuition - Design, Modification and Repair
    Jaeger Trumpets, Cornets and Mouthpieces

    Please do not attempt any repairs unless you have appropriate technical proficiency

    Program facilitator for
    Bringing Music back into the Home

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    Bordeaux, France.

    Re: European TM Meet

    I am interested. Not sure I can be there, I may be in Japan at that time (in relation to my daughter's studies), but very interested.
    Mikel Dupac / Lawler C7-3R-1A + Prana B6S1
    Olds Super Bb 1962 / Carol Brass Dizzy pocket
    Conn New Wonder cornet 1917 / Many others...
    Music is the healing force of the Universe! A. Ayler

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