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Trumpet Discussion Discuss ever done this ? in the General forums; Lately I've been on YouTube finding clips of famous trumpeters. I try to find a clip of them playing something ...
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    ever done this ?

    Lately I've been on YouTube finding clips of famous trumpeters. I try to find a clip of them playing something out of Arbans book so I can look at mine and follow along. It also gives me and idea of what I should sound like on the more difficult exercises.

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    Re: ever done this ?

    not with arbans, but with most everything else. I don't have a tutor right now so.... Utube is free!!
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    Re: ever done this ?

    I guess there is no problem with orientation on what the "greats" have accomplished. I personally have had better success by studying the parts, working them up very slowly and when they make sense to me, looking for additional inspiration.
    Many of the "killer" players make the music sound like them instead of like the composer. That is fine for them, but not so fine for the uninformed. At the end of the day we need to find OUR OWN voice. It doesn't matter at what level we play. Our music can be as unique as our fingerprint. THAT is the point where we can claim to be successful.
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    Re: ever done this ?

    If I had You Tube and the Internet and Smart Music when I was young, I would be a way better player today. Use it all. I think listening is of huge importance.

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    Re: ever done this ?

    Hey mimic,
    what a great idea! thanks for sharing this.

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