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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Evette and Schaeffer American by Buffet in the General forums; I am really confused as to what type of trumpet I really have and was hoping someone could help me ...
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    Evette and Schaeffer American by Buffet

    I am really confused as to what type of trumpet I really have and was hoping someone could help me figure it all out.

    I am the original owner since the sixth grade so that puts it from about 1969. It is engraved on the Bell with Evette and Schaeffer American with flowers and scrolls. The valves have blue felt With mother of pearl caps. Also the two rear slides have knobs with mother of pearl. It is a two-tone horn brass and silver and it is stamped 663308 which I assume is the serial number.

    The case is black and has a silver medallion that says Evette & Schaeffer by Buffet Parris France

    The original mouthpiece that came with it is stamped Carl Fisher 7C*. I also have a Vincent Bach Corp. 1 1/2 C mouthpiece

    The horn is in great shape for its age with most of the laquer intact. The black hard case is in great shape too and has red lining.

    If anyone can tell me what I really have and what it is worth I would be grateful.


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    Re: Evette and Schaeffer American by Buffet

    I am not the resident expert on French trumpets so I can't offer any direct information on yours. But, while you are waiting for someone here who hopefully will know more, you could also check the Horn-u-copia web site to see if they have anything there - or just do a Google search. Also, you might try posting some photos here showing the construction details (braces, valves, waterkeys, etc) and the engraving on the bell. But, you can't upload them directly here (upload doesn't work) - you need to upload them to a third party hosting site such as PhotoBucket and then copy the .IMG tag to your post here. Then we can see them.

    Keep in mind that there may not be anyone here who knows anything. I have a trumpet that seems to be a mystery to everyone. But, it's worth a shot.
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