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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Exercises you can do off the trumpet in the General forums; I am also a big advocate of lip buzzing. I will bring a mouthpiece on vacation if I am "forbidden" ...
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    Lip buzzing!

    I am also a big advocate of lip buzzing. I will bring a mouthpiece on vacation if I am "forbidden" to bring my trumpet by the powers that be (though i can sneak my pocket trumpet into the trunk of my car!). If you want to you can buzz your lips and then buzz into a ring made with your thumb and forefinger, "bronz cheer" style.

    I also like to play a bit of tenor sax, too, though not practical for vacation time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by _TrumpeT_ View Post
    What are some exercises you can do off the trumpet specifically related to trumpet playing? (Every musician should study music theory and train their ears IMHO) I'm not advocating the use of any gimmicks here. Here are some of my own ideas:
    sing... this sounds strange but it's a great exercise especially when learning an instrument that can produce only one pitch at a time (most of the time anyway)
    fingering your part
    co-ordinating valves while tonguing... this actually works! The double tonguing section of the third variation of CoV just clicked! I also tried this with chromatic scales for my single tonguing.
    Please post some of your own ideas!
    I gave up these mechanical physical exercises a long time ago. When I'm off the horn, I usually op for the more spiritual pursuits all of which help my trumpet playing in terms of musicianship and expression.

    Liad Bar-EL

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    Kissing cute french hornists. (German ones work too, but they are rare.)
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
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