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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Eyes closed or wide open ? in the General forums; As above, eyes open to monitor response of audience (and dodge tomatos). I do close them occasionally when I am ...
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    As above, eyes open to monitor response of audience (and dodge tomatos). I do close them occasionally when I am trying to "see" another ii,v,i phrase to break it up a bit or thinking of a quote to put in, but after this is done, the eyes come open again.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    In church, I watch the worship leader. At dances, I watch the crowd, and communicate with the rest of the band with eye contact. I want to make sure the drummer KNOWS the two measure break is coming up.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    closed eyes a lot of the times. Even when I practice alone - I tend to close my eyes -- it helps me get in the zone. I mostly play in church functions, so the eyes closed thing works there. It is interesting -- I did my eyes open once, but I must have ended up looking cross-eyed because I just saw the Bell of the horn anyhow as the spotlights were on me and I couldn't see anything anyhow.

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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    My eyes are always open, its just more natural for me to have my eyes open then closed, and also for me, when I'm really into the music even with my eyes wide open I'm not really conscious of my environment and don't really see anything.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Open eyes allow me to look at the audience and establish more communication. I can also stare down conductors. Fun stuff!
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    So the majority answered "it depends on circumstances". The better answer, to a not so good question, it seems. To conclude in that mood, let me take the example of "Trombone Shorty", in the last thread posted by Solar Bell : sometimes he plays closing his eyes, sometimes he opens them, but sometimes also he plays with eyes in the wave, or in the blue, if not in the blues... Sure : it depends on circumstances !
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    I like to scope out the attractive females.

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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Well, there's another variation...eyes open, but no looking going on. I'm mostly talking about jazz combo/improv. Look at Wynton on youtube playing Caravan (or Arturo, Maynard, etc.). His eyes are open but he sure isn't seeing anything, he's in some other world.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Since I'm a charro or mariachi, I have to memorize my music. I depends if I have my eyes closed or open. Usally when I'm into a song, digging it and feeling it, I have my eyes closed. If its just a boring gig and I not into it, tend to have my eyes open and look around....

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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Were I to stand close to the footlights or have a spotlight on me, then it would be natural for me to close my eyes, and I agree that it sometimes enhances my hearing (or imagination ... the ethereal step from reality where I play from my soul). Often in bright sunlight when I sounded TAPS, my eyes were closed and sometimes even when the sun didn't shine, whereas for me such is a melody that always must come from the soul of the player.

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