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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Eyes closed or wide open ? in the General forums; Many trumpet players I listen at, when they don't have to read a score of course, use to close their ...
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    Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Many trumpet players I listen at, when they don't have to read a score of course, use to close their eyes (so do I, it seems I hear better !). But I have seen trumpeters playing (even not looking at a score) with eyes wide open. What do you do, brothers and sisters in trumpeting, and why ?
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    I play eyes open because I want to see how the people are reacting. If they are running for the doors, I make a mental note not to do that again! When I am not reading the score and "improving", I feed off the people. When what I am doing moves the people, it moves me too.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    I keep mine open in case someone is going to throw something at me.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    It depends on the circumstance. If you play with your eyes open, you are communicating with your audience. You're drawing them in and connecting with them through your eye contact. If you close your eyes, you're demonstrating that you are personally deeply connected with the music. That can be touching to an audience, but can also alienate them.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    I remember as a kid playing in a young musician competition and one girl played without the music and with her eyes closed and got told never to play with your eyes closed.

    I think that your loosing your connection with the audience by playing with your eyes closed

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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    Well considering some of the clubs I've played in over the years eyes open is the best idea! The flying beer bottles during the fights are easier to dodge when you can see them coming!
    All kidding aside, I do find myself closing my eyes when I don't need to read anything. I guess it helps me concentrate.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    If I am learning something for memorization then yes eyes many times are closed to make sure I learned it. Most of the rest of the time the eyes are open. So it depends on the circumstances.

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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    I keep mine open. When playing songs that I know well enough where I don't need the music, it allows me to watch the people on the dance floor to see how they are reacting to the band.
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    My eyes are always open when I am playing, I like to stay in time with the band... In impro though, I keep my eyes open, as I'm usually pooping myself, and I can't remember the chord sequence..
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    Re: Eyes closed or wide open ?

    When I close my eyes my hearing seems to become more enhanced. Of course I keep them open if I actually have to read the music lol.
    I use closed eyes approach if I want to really listen intensely on how I am sounding and what is going on around me aurally.

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