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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Favorite exercises in Arban's in the General forums; I've been playing almost daily out of the Arban's book for about 20 years now and I'm still discovering things ...
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    Favorite exercises in Arban's

    I've been playing almost daily out of the Arban's book for about 20 years now and I'm still discovering things in the book that I swear I've never seen before, adn yet there are pages that I can play from memory because I find myself going back to them over and over.

    I thought it would be interesting to see what exercises everyone keeps coming back to and what they use them to work on.

    My favorite exercises in the book are #11-27. Fairly simple but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of them. I use them as kind of a benchmark for my playing. If something isn't working right those are the lines I use to figure it out and fix it.

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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    For warm-ups I do pg 14 ex. 16-19;pg 20-21 ex.46; pg 21 ex. 47; pg 59 ex. 1-5; pg 61 ex. 12-16; pg 76 ex. 1-3

    Good basic runs.
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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    the minor and diminished arpeggios. You can swing them too!
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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    I like Characteristic study #8. Very under-rated in my opinion.

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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    Carnival of Venice.
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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    Little Swiss Boy for a warmup, then usually play all the etudes in every key 3-4 times and 180bpm. After that I move on to Double C's for 15-20 minutes, then call it a day.
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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    Blue Bells of Scotland (#148)
    The Alpine Horn (#134)
    Freisch├╝tz (#78)
    Le Desir (#67)
    L'Elisire D'Amore (#53)

    The first three are just a lot of fun. Le Desir is an odd piece by Beethoven that I work on for tone. All quarter notes, and harder to play really well than it appears. The last one is just a neat duet that I like playing when a duet partner is available. I play a lot of the scale exercises, but my current top 5 favorites out of all of Arbans are these songs.

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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    I like the dominant and diminished arpeggio studies, the intervallic studies, a bunch of the appogiatura studies (though I don't practice them for the purpose of the 'turn'...I just like em) and the characteristic studies.

    Of course, when I was younger in school I used to get a friend and spend time with the duets too.


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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    I use page 125 to work on my bottom register by using the first one down to G and then drop down and do the one to F# & F down an octave. I also work the triple tonguing section beginning on 155 and move on to double tonguing beginning on 175. These are standard that I do daily. If there is another problem then I use other things in the book.

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    Re: Favorite exercises in Arban's

    I'm loving the Home Sweet Home and Blue Bells of Scotland at the moment. Such fun little pieces to play with between semesters
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