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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Favorite Oils? in the General forums; Berp BioOil works best for me-use it on all my horns....
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Berp BioOil works best for me-use it on all my horns.
    Bill Ortiz
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Flip Oakes Wild Thing
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Costco branded Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    I've been using T2 lately. I've noticed the rough odor too. But I started oiling daily, and the smell is minimal now.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Monette 6
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Used a few others but had issues in some of the older horns or sometimes in the newer ones. A pro friend recomended Yamaha synthetic regular and it cleared me right up in both the older and newer trumpets. No odor and clear, non staining. Lasts longer too. Best wishes.
    Larry tscharner!
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Magic oil for me. Ultra pure, while it was great on my vintage horns, is definitely too thick for my jaeger.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    My favorite, bar none is the now discontinued Pro Oil (Red). Tried the rest and have gone back to my pre-Pro Oil favorite--Al Cass.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    I use Hetman Light on most of my horns with the refit valves. I have one horn where Anderson outdid themselves for tightness; interestingly these are pin valves. On those, I use 5 Starr.

    If someone were to ask me for a recommendation for a valve oil, I would actually lean more towards 5 Starr.


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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    I use one that is called blue juice. It is cheap and does the job!

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Quote Originally Posted by Swerve View Post
    Ultra Pure and Blue Juice for me. m
    same here

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