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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Favorite Oils? in the General forums; Blue Juice for me too. :) Although, Hetman's is fantastic....
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Blue Juice for me too. :)
    Although, Hetman's is fantastic.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Alisyn works great for me in all my horns.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Kinda like asking what's your favorite color; lots of opinions with really no right answer

    That said, I like Hetman's also because they make piston oils and slide lubes in a variety of viscosities that can be tailored to different horns' needs and an individual's desired "feel". They can also be interchanged without concern for incompatability. Their products are readily available, and can be ordered at a very reasonable cost through WWBW and others.

    Oh, and my favorite color is blue.........
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    I am going to try some different oils for my trumpet. See what works best.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    ive been using T2 for quite a while and have never noticed a strong odor? hm maybe its just my crazy nose. im gonna check out the ultrapure, i have a 1937 handcraft imperial coming in a week or two and ive heard good things about the ultrapure on vintage horns
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Used Al Cass in HS and college, then after my 25 year haitus. Had problems with valves sticking on high humidity days and switched to ultra pure, no problems since.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultrapure is the bomb, I use it for almost any horn!
    Having that said, La Tromba is really good for older and worn valves IMHO,
    if you can stand the synthetic banana smell

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultra Pure for pistons, Hetman for rotaries.

    In the past I have used/tried Bach, Holton, Selmer and AlCass, but Ultrapure is the best for me.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    C.G. Conn made a wonderful oil a few years back, even beating Al Cass, so I bought quite a load of it (something like a carton of 24 bottles). Still living off that, and the Stomvi oil supplied with my Stomvi trumpets. The Conn is now slowly giving out, and I have heard that they don't make it any more... have to find out whether that's true.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    I have never heard of so many oils in my life!

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