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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Favorite Oils? in the General forums; i'm using T2 right now on my yamaha shew and it works well, anyone else out there got good oils? ...
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    Favorite Oils?

    i'm using T2 right now on my yamaha shew and it works well, anyone else out there got good oils? has anyone used bob reeves' oil? H2Oil i think its called, thinking about picking some up next time i'm in LA
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Al Cass. Always.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Yamaha synthetic oil regular, works perfect for my trumpet, valves always clean.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultra Pure, best oil I have found in 25 years of searching, there are still some I have not tried yet.

    Had a bottle of H2Oil given to me by my repairer when it first came out here, worked fine in my Selmer piston valve French horn, not used it in trumpets.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Make my own, or Al Cass is simply hard to beat.
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Al Cass for years then switched to Hetmans 1,2,& 3. Have a lot of others that came with the horns I've collected. Most interesting oil is the Holton "Electric Oil" #2. Price with plain cap $.30, with dropper, $.35!!!
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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Hetman oil for me too (light or regular oil on my new trumpets, classic on my older ones).

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultra Pure and Blue Juice for me. m

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultra pure works good but evaporates quickly and I find I have to oil more than once in a practice session in the summer time. Al Cass is good but the smell a little strong compared to synthetic types. The Holton was long a favorite of mine, only non synthetic with very little smell and really fast, does not evaporates too quickly. Haven't tried the Yamaha synthetic or blue juice.

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    Re: Favorite Oils?

    Ultra Pure for me have tried many others, but Ultra Pure works best in newer equipment. For rotary I find that Al Cass works great for valves.

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