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Trumpet Discussion Discuss favorite warm-up in the General forums; What is your favorite warm-up? Mine is in the Arturo Sandoval Book with the pedals. (Awesome) Eric...
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    favorite warm-up

    What is your favorite warm-up?

    Mine is in the Arturo Sandoval Book with the pedals. (Awesome)

    Eric Sproul
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    I am really getting to where I lip buzz the majority of my warm up. I just feel like I get a *MUCH* better product if I lip buzz before I start.

    Long tones, from as soft as you can do comfortably, to as loud as you can do comfortably. Work to make your louds and softs more and more efficient. Then I do Clarke Study 1, except I hold the starting note for three beats, before I begin the exercise. I like to think of my air collumn like:


    That (Tried to make an arrow), with all the notes that I need to hit being inside the collumn. My goal right now is to be able to play a high C with what feels to me, and sounds to my audience as an equal amount of pressure as a second-line G. After that, I will begin sliding my range toward the low C, then start working for the pedals..

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    I like playing out of the Mike Sachs book.

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    A little bit of that as well

    Quote Originally Posted by stcman
    Bill Adam routine; Buzzing the leadpipe, expanding longtones, expanding chromatics, Glantz tonguing.

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    James Stamp method. Usually skip the mp buzzing and go straight to the horn.

    As an addition to this question:

    Do you warm up on your C or your Bb?

    I warm-up on my Bb and my 1-1/2C, even if I'll be playing my C, or only doing lead work all day. Mainly because I know exactly how I'll feel after that. What's you all's take?

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    I do exercises from the Balanced Embouchure book which include practicing playing double pedals in tune, then longtones, then a chromatic scale as fast and high as I can, then slur exercises from the BE book
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    I like to vary my warmup from day to day, depending on what's on and how I feel. Here are five that I do:

    1. Keith Johnson's book "Progressive Studies for the High Register"
    Preliminary Exercises & Exercise 3 (Exercise 5 if needed)

    2. The warmup in Bud Brisbois/Lennie Niehaus "Trumpet Today" (extend
    beyond E if needed)

    3. Caruso Exercises 1-5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 17

    4. George and Arnie's Range Builder (quick and powerful)

    5. Maggio Warmup A and Exercise 1

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    -Buzzing. I have a few patterns I use, the main goal is to devlop my range in both directions. I will often use akeyboard, holding out the tonic pitch and buzz what ever pattern i am using that day(or week).

    -Lip bends and Flow studies , from the Sachs book page 37 or the V. C. Flow studies book.

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    warm ups

    Boyde Hood mouthpiece drills ........ complete with bass tr. mp. for #1.
    The rest of the drills on the reg. tr. mp.


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